Portable Airconditioning for Tent Event
  • Corporate Gatherings
  • Yearly Company Meetings
  • Fundraising Events and Balls
  • Political, VIP and
  • Union Receptions and Rallies
  • Private Parties and Public Celebrations
  • Ceremonies and Graduations
  • Weddings , Anniversaries and Birthdays
  • Golf and Sport Events
  • Entertainment Events
  • Theater, Ballet and Music Shows,
  • Festivals and Fairs

Mobile Airconditioning service Sporting Event
Special Event Air Conditioning
  • Churches and Temples
  • Reception Halls and Auditoriums
  • Sanctuaries and Botanical Gardens
  • Tents and Temporary Structures
  • Presentation and Advertising Booths
Temporay Mobile Airconditioning Event Service

Where you decide to bring together your partners, employees, guests, staff and equipment to celebrate your milestones is up to you!
Anywhere you go- we can provide you with service, a piece of mind and the best solution for a Comfortable Climate Controlled Environment.


Special Event Cooling Service


We offer state of the art Mobile and Portable Air
Conditioning Unit Rentals tailored to your application,
Power Generators and Operating Personnel to
accommodate your temporary cooling or heating
requirements. Equipment and Services are subject to
availability unless your reservation is confirmed.
Please make sure you check our Service Areas List and Policies.

Powerful, Quiet, Rekiable Equipment to cool or Heat any Site